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Natural Resource and Environmental Science Scholars Program

A new scholarship program within the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Alabama A&M University will focus on recruiting, training, and mentoring diverse undergraduate students in a program entitled Fostering a Diverse 21st Century Workforce of Natural Resource and Environmental Science Scholars at Alabama A&M University (NRES Scholars @AAMU).  This effort will address the goals of recruiting and retaining young, underrepresented minority students for leadership in natural resources related disciplines and enhancing the science-based knowledge, educational skills and training that could improve the management of soil, air, and water resources to enhance the environment. They will be achieved by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen the capacity and quality of natural resource and environmental science programs in the College of Agricultural, Life and Natural Sciences (CALNS) through intensive recruitment and retention efforts and effective academic advising and assessment.
  2. Cultivate academic competitiveness by engaging in rigorous curricula and extracurricular activities.
  3. Provide experiential learning opportunities for NRES Scholars through training to utilize advanced and emerging instruments and techniques which will inevitably enhance workforce diversity.

The applicants will have the following requirements:  students with high scholastic aspirations who have a GPA of 2.8 or better; ACT score; academic transcript; a 250-word essay describing their interest in natural resources and environmental sciences career goals; two letters of recommendations; and be willing to participate in various mentoring and support activities offered by the program.  

Ten (10) incoming freshmen will be selected as NRES Scholars@AAMU.  

Each scholar will receive $2,500 each semester of their first two years here at AAMU ($10,000 total) and work with assigned mentors to find additional supplemental funding for the remaining two years.  Students will also receive a laptop computer and printer, which should serve as an additional incentive for recruitment purposes, especially during this “new normal”.

Those not selected will be considered alternates who can serve as replacement scholars if one or more scholars fail to matriculate through the program or whose GPA falls below a 2.8.  All alternates will have access to programs and activities available to Scholars even though they will not receive financial support.

Academic Retention, Student Support and Mentoring  NRES scholars will be required to meet periodically with the advisors, Academic Affairs, Freshman Academy Mentoring Program, which helps students make a smooth transition from high school to college, and/or Student Support Services, which include academic advising, counseling, Tutoring Assistance Network (TAN), and the Writing Center, workshops and seminars and career exploration activities,  tips on interviewing skills, resume writing and GRE preparation from the Career Development Center.  

The PI, Dr. Moss will directly address the mentoring needs of the NRES scholars and maintain records of Scholars’ course loads and class schedules and work with academic advisors and mentors.  She will monitor students to make sure they are making satisfactory academic progress as defined by the program (minimum 2.8 GPA).

Please scan the QR code below to Apply.

nres qr code

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Elica M. Moss
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Environmental Health Science Program Coordinator