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Florence A. Okafor Biography

Florence A. Okafor, PhD
Professor/ Program Coordinator
Carter Hall 310
Phone: (256) 372-4422

Dr. Florence Okafor is a medical microbiologist and Professor of Microbiology at AAMU. Dr. Okafor has mentored several students including graduate students, undergraduate as well as high school students. She is actively involved in research in the areas of Histoplasma, fungal allergens, Biofilms, bio-functionalization and safety of silver and gold nanoparticles. Dr. Okafor’s research focus has been on various aspects of Microbiology, especially as it relates to the environment, health and waste bioconversion. Most of her earlier research was focused on microbial/fungal, pathogenesis, pathogenicity with emphasis on control and production of bioactive substances. She worked on the pathogenesis, ecology, and epidemiology of Histoplasma duboisii in Africa (Nigeria) and its environmental impact.  Lately her research has been focused on antimicrobials and the bio-production of nanoparticles using fungi and plant extracts, characterization, cytotoxicity, and their possible use in biosensors. Dr. Okafor is also doing work on bioconversion of waste materials to energy.  Dr. Okafor has over 35 years’ experience in academia as a researcher, teacher, and departmental administrator.  

Research areas of interest: Microorganisms & Pathogenesis, Health Disparities, Biofilms, Indoor Air Quality, Safety and the Environment: Production of Nano- materials, Science Learning, Pedagogy and Evaluation 


PhD 1995
Medical Microbiology- University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria

STAR Fellow, Health Disparities  - University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth 

MS 1982
Microbiology - Alabama A&M University, Normal Alabama

Postgraduate Diploma in Education & Teaching (PGDE, Distinction) 1976 -University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria

BS 1974
Botany – University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria


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Professor/ Program Coordinator 
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