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STEM Knowledge Center

Students working together in a group at a tableThe Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Knowledge Center in the College of Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences (CETPS), formerly the CETPS library, is a place for Study and access to books, journals, and periodicals for students, faculty and staff members.

The STEM Knowledge Center provides tutoring in all STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Academic Facility
The STEM Knowledge Center houses 8 up to date computers fully equipped with software that a variety of different majors can access to complete assignment, conduct Research, and improve their own general knowledge.
Knowledge Database
The facility is home of over 3,000 books, articles, and works of literature that can be referenced by students to help aid them in the understanding of their academic disciplines. Students are able to check out books in order to complete any research assignments or do any light reading as they see fit.
Opportunity Board
The STEM Knowledge Center bulletin board is used to communicate with students outside the center. The bulletin board is used to post Scholarship Opportunities, Co-Op Opportunities, Potential Jobs, Academic Events, and other events within the College of Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences. Tutorial Services offered by the STEM Knowledge Center are also posted along with hours of operation so that students can contact us at all time.
Academic Advisement
The Faculty Associate for Student Achievement assists students by providing academic advisement to help guide them in the most beneficial direction possible.


  • Recruiting
    • *Traveling to High Schools
    • *Connecting with High School Students in their Junior Year
    • *Building Relationships with High School Counselors
    • *Working with AAMU Office of Admissions Staff
    • *Working with Parents
    • *Outreach Programs
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  • Retention
    • *Academic Advisement
    • *Financial Aid Assistance
    • *Scholarship Opportunities
    • *Freshman Advising Coordinator
    • *Mentoring
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  • Persistence
    • *Advisement Coordinator
    • *Mentoring
    • *Co-op/Internship Opportunities
    • *Developmental Activities
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  • Pre-Placement
    • *Professional Development
      •   Resume Writing
      •   Mock Interview
      •   Professional Dress
    • *Co-ops/Internships
    • *Round Table Sessions with Employers
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  • *Conference
  • *Career Planning
  • *Career/Job Fairs

Alumni Engagement

  • Track Alumni
  • Job Placement for Alumni

Contact Us

The STEM Knowledge Center
Phone: 256-372-5574
Prof. Gerald Vines
Faculty Associate for Student Achievement