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Bi-Weekly Student Employment

Institutional Student Employment Program (Bi-Weekly)

The Institutional Student Employment Program offers on-campus, part-time jobs to students who do not qualify for Federal Work-Study. The University monitors the program. Please note: All regular student employees must be enrolled and remain enrolled in at least 6 credit hours (Undergraduates and Graduates) for the fall and spring semesters at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University. During the summer semester, according to University policy, if the student was enrolled at least half-time in the spring semester and plans to enroll at least half-time for the upcoming fall semester, the he/she does not have to be enrolled for the summer in order to work on campus. If the student attended another university during the spring semester, and plans to attend during the fall semester at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University, the he/she must enroll at least half-time during the summer in order to work on campus. This policy applies to International students on F-1 visa's as well. No exceptions. Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Institutional Student Employment Program.

How can I obtain a Bi-Weekly position?

The availability of jobs depends on the student skills and the needs of campus departments. Job responsibilities can range from general office duties to highly specialized laboratory and computer work. Students must apply for a position in the department they are interested in. Then they will be interviewed by the prospective employer for skills and interests. If the student and the prospective employer agree on employment, they complete the Institutional Student Employment Approval Form, I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form, a W-4 Form and the A-4E Alabama Withholding Form. These forms must be submitted to the University Budget Office for approval. Once approved, students may begin to work.

How many hours may I work?

Students may work up to 20 hours per week. Student may not exceed the number of hours of employment for which they are approved. All scheduling arrangements should be made with your employer.

Students are terminated when earning reach the FWS award amount, or if he/she drops below part-time enrollment. Employment is automatically terminated at the end of the academic (spring) and each student must reapply for the next academic year.

International Students

According to INS, student on a F-1 visa who are pursuing at least a full-time course of study may engage in on campus employment, but not to exceed 20 hours per week, which includes all pay sources. In addition on F-1 visa status may be employed on campus full-time during school breaks (spring break, etc.), but not to exceed 40 hours per week, which includes all pay sources. Those students who have questions regarding employment should contact their employer or the Coordinator for International Students at, (256) 372-5804.

Where do I get my check?

Students who are participating in the Institutional Student Employment program are paid bi-weekly at an hourly rate. Checks are issued every other Monday and direct deposited into your bank account (note: only those student who completed a direct deposit form will be processed in this fashion). If a form was not completed, your check will be issued to you from the Business Office. A schedule of pay dates for the Bi-Weekly program is also available in the Business Office.

Can I have more than one job?

No! A student can only work at one job under the Institutional Student Employment Program job, and cannot work at a FWS program simultaneously.