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Tuition Assistance

Full-time employees are eligible for tuition grants equaling 100% of the current rate of tuition for courses taken at the University up to a maximum of four hours per semester.

The spouses and dependent children of full-time employees are eligible for tuition grants equaling 50% of the usual tuition for all courses taken or audited, provided the faculty/staff member: 

  1. is a permanent, full-time employee
  2. has completed one year of full-time service with Alabama A&M University
  3. the spouse or dependent child meets the academic prerequisites for enrollment as a student.

As it relates to spouses and dependent children, tuition grants are valid for eight (8) semesters.

Note: Laboratory fees and other specific course related fees are not covered by this policy and must be paid fully by the employee, spouse or dependent child enrolled as a student at Alabama A&M University.