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How to Organize a Voter Registration Drive on Campus

  1. Get Trained and be sure you understand AAMU Civic Engagement procedures (see the Civic Engagement and Voter Registration Training and Approval Timeline).
  2. Set reasonable goals and develop a plan for the voter registration drive on campus.
    • How many people do you want to register?
    • How long do you plan to host the registration drive?
  3. Decide where you would like to host your drive. Get Permission.
  4. Is this a high traffic area?
  5. Is there adequate space?
    • Will you be able to set-up a table(s) and chair(s)?
    • The space must be out of the way, i.e. DO NOT block doorways or hallways.
  6. Go to AAMU’s website, locate AAMUVOTES#, apply to host a voter registration drive
  7. After you are approved, complete Student Activities Event Form located under Student Forms in Banner.
  8. After approval, pick-up and sign-out a Civic Engagement packet from the Office of Service and Learning Communities in Councill Hall, Room 208.
  9. The packet will include:
    • Alabama Voter Registration forms
      • Note: You MUST return the exact number of forms that were requested.
    • Sign-in sheet
    • Black ink pens (10)
    • Sample Ballot
    • Copy of Civic Engagement Manual
    • 2 Clip Boards
  10. After the conclusion of the voter registration drive, you MUST return and sign-in the packet to the Office of Service and Learning Communities in Councill Hall, Room 208 WITHIN ONE HOUR. This includes all completed and blank forms.

All items MUST be returned.

Failure to follow the procedures correctly can forfeit your voter registration privileges on campus.

AAMU faculty who would like to conduct a voter registration drive inside their classroom(s) need to contact Service Coordinator, Monica Clarke at for instructions.