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Voter drive tricks of the trade

  • DO NOT sit behind a table.
    • A clipboard is a voter registration volunteer's best friend.
    • Walk up to people and ask if they need to register or update their address.
  • Be a voter registration freeloader. Talk to groups organizing events, set up a table with voter registration info and get your team out into the crowd with clipboards to register voters on the spot.
  • Set up a permanent voter registration station. A computer station in the student center, library, dining hall, etc. makes it easy for students to register or update their addresses.
  • Provided “pledge to vote” cards to students registering. Ask the students to address a postcard to themselves with a reminder to vote.
  • Collect “pledge to vote” cards from students registering. When it’s time to vote, send the postcards to students as a reminder that they promised “I will vote.”