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Our Goals

  • To attract students who are academically talented and to offer programs of study designed to stimulate them to do the quality of work equal to their potential, one which prepares participants to enter and to successfully complete graduate and professional programs of study.
  • To encourage and stimulate learning outside the classroom.
  • To enable qualified students to progress at an accelerated rate.
  • To maximize the opportunity for students to grow intellectually through classroom activities, colloquia, research, and writing seminars, and to broaden and enhance their social and cultural experiences.
  • To encourage honors program students to participate in various activities at AAMU and to serve as classroom volunteers, peer counselors, teaching assistants, research assistants, laboratory assistants, and program assistants for major University functions.
  • To participate in cooperative linkages and collaborative agreements with graduate and professional schools at major universities across the nation and with industries seeking individuals who are highly trained.