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Who Are We

The Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Honors Program provides an intellectually challenging learning environment for students of outstanding abilities. Students acquire life-long skills that are necessary in an ever-changing and fast-paced world as they work in a community of peers with some of the best professors on campus. Individual quests for excellence are also sponsored in the program with study abroad initiatives, internships, and research projects.

Established in 1993, still committed to the three core values of Scholarship, Leadership and Service, the Honors Program has grown to over 200 members. These students are vibrant, civically engaged and socially conscious. They excel both in and outside of the classroom. The expectation of excellence remains the same. Scholars are required to focus on areas of personal growth in communication, service, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. These scholars can be found doing everything from conducting groundbreaking research with faculty, conquering the study of international policy in Croatia, Wales and China, interning with Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google and Disney to being on the executive boards of the many campus student organizations. Students in the Honors Program are expected to excel, and they do!