Golden Class

Golden Graduates...Has It Really Been 50 Years!

A photo of the golden class walking into commencement.Each May, AAMU celebrates the milestone anniversary of the Golden Graduates.

Golden Graduate are encouraged to come back to Normal's Hill to take part in celebratory activities over the weekend.

 It's the perfect time for celebrating, remembering the history of Normal's Hill, reconnecting with classmates and making new memories.

Things You Should Know

Friday, May 3, 2019

144th Founder's Day Convocation
Friday, May 3, 2019 at 11 AM, Elmore Gym
Attire: White Dresses or Suits for Women and Dark Suits/White Shirt/Dark Tie for Men

Friday, May 3, 2019

Commencement Ceremony
Friday, May 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM, VBCC

All Golden graduates should report to the VBC by 4:30 PM for photos. Please wear your Golden Cap & Gown and comfortable shoes.  We encourage no large purses or coats. 

A photo of the golden graduate cap and gown.The cost for the Custom Gold Gown, Cap and Custom Signet Tassel is $39.95.  The last day to order is Friday, March 15, 2019, and all orders are scheduled to be delivered to the Alumni Affairs office by April 15, 2019, for distribution. 

Order your Cap and Gown now!

  • Click on order under the cap & gown option
  • Choose "Golden Alumni"
  • Click on the green tab with cap & gown option to complete your order.

If you have any questions or need assistance you may contact Alumni Affairs at 256-372-5287.

Who's Coming to Reunion

  • Frances Williams Abercrombie
  • Luther J. Alexander
  • Linda Kimble Arnold
  • Mary Kate Paige Bell
  • Francine Mitchell Boone
  • Arthur D. Booker, Jr.
  • Gladys Richardson Boswell
  • Dorothy Piner Brice
  • Royace Lightfoot Brown
  • Mary Bickerstaff Buchanan
  • Bernice Gardner Burnet
  • Barbara C. Campbell
  • Spellmyra Stoudemire Cobert
  • Maurice A. Coleman
  • Melza E. Cook
  • Jessie Pearl Mims Cowley
  • Betty Cromwell Crenshaw
  • Robert Crenshaw
  • Barbara Myatt DeBardelaben
  • General A. Freed
  • Andrew J. Fuller
  • Anita Burns Garner
  • Anthony George
  • Harold E. Gilmer
  • Joe Ann Johnson Grayson
  • Frances Lanett Holley
  • Lister Holloway
  • Mattie Poole Holloway
  • Jean Williams Hunter
  • Onree Jackson
  • Clinton Johnson
  • Willie Ruth Delaine Johnson
  • Iola Scott Jones
  • William Kimber
  • Claudette Davis Lindsay
  • Ruth Ann Montgomery Lumpkins
  • Marcella Williams Mathis
  • Carol Stevens Maxwell
  • Elizabeth McCord
  • Matilda Crutch King McDonald
  • Arthur J. McMillian
  • Velma Boyd McMillian
  • Ruby Miller
  • Julia Eliza Morrison-Morgan
  • Richard KY Murrell
  • Donald E. Outland
  • Charles Parks
  • Marie Dobyne Rhoden
  • Daniel Robinson
  • Frank Robinson
  • Dr. Isaiah Robinson Jr.
  • Elizabeth R. Russell
  • Bernice Chappell Rutledge
  • Jacob Savage
  • John H. Scott
  • Lillie Seal-Norman
  • Larry W. Shealey
  • Richard Showers, Sr.
  • Alease Sims Sims
  • Janice Ray Taylor
  • Clarene Teague-Johnson
  • Patricia Richardson Turner
  • Erskine L. Valrie
  • Patricia Leamon Ward
  • Earnest L. Williams
  • George I. Williams
  • Geraldine Williams


Photo of Golden Class Member Class of 1968

Class of 1969 Team Members

Dorothy Piner Brice - 205-884-0554
Bernice Gardner Burnet -256-653-9990(Lead)
Robert Crenshaw - 205-956-9021
Melza Cook - 770-663-6303
Clarence Dees -216-926-3308
Clarene Teague Johnson - 256-694-2038
Marcella Williams Mathis - 256-694-2299
Larry Shealey - 919-815-8032
Richard Showers - 256-337-1323
Alease S. Sims - 205-837-9902
Patricia Leamon Ward - 205-884-0554
Earnest L. Williams - 404-520-9500
Geraldine Williams - 216-702-0693