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MENTORING -Dr. Jeanette Jones, Guest Presenter for Oakwood University- NOVEMBER 5, 2020


The AAMU ADVANCE Mentoring Program is a volunteer program through which experienced faculty (Mentors) at AAMU who are knowledgeable about the campus and academic life, mentor new/junior faculty to:

  • Orient them about the AAMU campus culture,
  • To inform them about campus support services, and
  • To assist them in the early stages and developments of their academic careers.

The Goals of the Mentoring Program are:

To help new faculty members to:

  • Learn about AAMU, the surrounding community and support resources for faculty.
  • Adjust to the new environment and become active members of the university quickly.
  • Address questions, concerns, and unique needs in a confidential manner.
  • Gain insight about teaching and career development from a seasoned faculty.
  • Network with other faculty and develop a personal support system within AAMU.

To encourage experienced faculty to:

  • Share their knowledge and experience with new faculty and gain professional satisfaction.
  • Assist new faculty to adjust quickly to the campus and address their unique needs, concerns, or questions.
  • Help shape the careers of new colleagues and enjoy opportunities for self-renewal.
  • Provide a valuable service to the university by promoting collegiality through mentoring.
  • Contribute to teaching, research and scholarly activities, and service mission of AAMU.


Dr. Jeanette Jones, Guest Panelist for Promotion and Tenure in STEM Departments NOVEMBER 9, 2020