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Banner Information Center

Welcome to the Alabama A&M University Banner information center. Here you will find links to Banner information and tools, including documentation, training materials, and more.

See also our Banner 9 Upgrade page.

What is Banner?

Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education institutions. Banner consists of five integrated software modules: Advancement, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and the Student module.

Banner has two types of access: Self-Service and Admin.

Banner Self-Service

All faculty, students, and staff members are given Self-Service Banner (SSB) accounts. Self-Service is used for activities such as class registration and viewing pay stubs. If you do not know your Banner ID and PIN, you can get that here: Get My Banner ID and Pin​.

Once you have your ID and PIN, you are ready to Log in to Banner SSB.

Banner Admin (INB)

Faculty and staff use Banner Admin (formerly known as INB) to manage financial aid, financial, student, and human resource information. See Access to Banner for more information about requesting access. (Note: as of version 9, Banner INB has been renamed to Banner Admin.)

Once your log-in is squared away, you are ready to Log in to Banner Admin.

Banner Usage Rules

Certain information in the Banner systems is sensitive and should be considered private. You are responsible for protecting your access privileges to these systems. If you violate any of the following rules, you may be subject to disciplinary and legal action. Inactive sessions will be automatically terminated.

  • Never leave a logged in session unattended: either logout or lock your computer if you must leave your work area.
  • Read and follow the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at Alabama A&M University.
  • Never share information obtained from the Banner or any other Computer-based systems outside the workplace or use it for any purpose that is not related to assigned job responsibilities.

Documentation & Resources

Further Assistance

Contact the ITS Service Desk at 256-372-HELP (4357).