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Access Forms

Banner INB Access Request Security Form
Request form for access to Banner INB (also known as Banner Admin)

Confidentiality Statement
Confidentiality acknowledgement statement

General Banner Information

General Person Data
Data Entry standards

Data Standards Quick-Ref Card
Data Standards Quick Reference (2 Page)

Data Standards Manual
AAMU Data Standards Manual (61 pages)

Duplicate PIDM Policy
Procedure 5.2: duplicate records in Banner and associated corrective actions to identify, remove, and prevent duplicates

Duplicate PIDM Removal Process
Procedure 5.3: Requirements for Cleaning Duplicate Records

Duplicate Record Report Form
Use this form to report a potential Duplicate Record

Self-Service Banner

Banner Self-Service User Guide
A Faculty & Advisers' Guide to Banner Self-Service

Banner Key Strokes
Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference

Internet Native Banner

Changing Your Password
Instructions on Changing Your Password

Searching in Banner
Instructions on comprehensive searching to avoid creating duplicate records

Banner Key Strokes
Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference

Common Matching FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Common Matching in Banner. Developed by SunGard.

Finance Module

Budget Review Guide
AAMU Budget Review Guide including introduction to Pooled-budgeting groups.

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