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Why Give

Of our approximately 6,000 students, over 91% receive some form of financial aid. Many capable students withdraw from school because they simply cannot afford to pay tuition. Scholarships are critical for helping the University to retain deserving students until they complete their degrees. By supporting scholarships, you are making a direct investment into the lives of students. Scholarships sufficiently reduces the amount of student loans and assist with the university’s retention and graduation rates.

“Finances have continued to be an ongoing obstacle for me as I pursue my degree.  However, I have been blessed to receive need-based scholarships funded by donors like you for the past two years! Without these scholarships I would not have been able to continue my degree program or secure internships.”


A'ysha Callahan Class of 2021

Donor Bill of Rights


Your gifts impact

  • Students who otherwise may have to forego their dream of attaining a degree
  • Academic and non-academic programs like athletics
  • Campus infrastructure including, buildings, spaces, etc.
  • A modern campus that facilities learning and community
  • Opportunities for students and faculty to engage in the discovery of knowledge through study abroad and other programs

Your gift matters

Your gift could increase our retention rate

  • Our data indicates that most students not returning to school the subsequent semester have an unmet financial need.  Each scholarship donation to returning students could assist our retention efforts.


Your gift could build our endowment

  • Our endowment is approximately $50 million, which is in the top 10 of public HBCUs.  However, we would like to see that number double over the next 10 years.

Every gift enables the University to save money

  • Bond rating agencies factor in philanthropic support when determining the interest rate Alabama A&M will pay when it borrows money. Every  gift—including yours—means less money paid out.

Every gift supports the University's national ranking

  • Publications such as US News and World Report consider alumni participation in giving when affirming their ranking. Every alumni gift—including yours—affects Alabama A&M's ranking among HBCUs and other institutions.

Participation is contagious

By making an annual gift to Alabama A&M, you are saying the institution matters to you.  We have found that once you give and make it known, your circle of friends or network are more likely to give as well.