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Meet the Team

Photo of Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill is a program specialist and Alumnus of Alabama A&M University. She is responsible for coordinating various service projects /resources on and around campus. Ms. Hill specializes in program planning for students and recruiting service agencies throughout the local community and surrounding areas.

Photo of Kawania HarrisKawania Harris is a volunteer specialist and a graduate of Alabama A&M University. She is responsible for assisting community and civic programs that educate, and train students and community volunteers yearly.

 PhotoKaren Brown currently serves as a community Outreach/Marketing Specialist for Edmonton Heights Life Center and Alabama A&M Volunteer Specialist. In the Edmonton Heights community and surrounding communities, she ensures that Alabama A&M students, facility, and staff, understand the importance of volunteering and overall programming efforts. In addition, provide specific programming on healthy living, nutrition, and food insecurities. In addition, assist in building and sustaining community and civic programs that recruit, educate, and trains community volunteers yearly.

 PhotoDr. Cary Grant is a Data Specialist and Homeless Educator for service volunteers and community agencies. Create and collect data from surveys and other information gathering tools. Research, create, update and maintain electronic volunteer forms and packets. Work with team to find donors for the community food pantry. Research and implement programs for food insecurities and homelessness on and around campus. For some time, Work in Edmonton Height community to help recruit volunteers and gain resources. Assist in monitoring and recruiting resources for the food pantry on campus. Program and provide information materials on homelessness and food insecurities on campus and in the surrounding community.

Monica Clarke is the Coordinator of The Service and Learning Department