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For Advisors

GradesFirst was built with the advisor in mind. You don’t have to spend hours on cumbersome clerical work or deal with inefficient pen and paper systems. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save with just a few clicks. In one click, see every interaction a student has had with support staff campus-wide. GradesFirst keeps a record of all communications, appointments, meeting notes, and class attendance.

What Advisors, Faculty, and Staff Like Most About GradesFirst

  • The ability to schedule appointments with their students
  • The ability to communicate with students via text message and email
  • The ability to view previous advising notes from other advisors
  • The ability to mark class attendance and automatically send absence emails to students who have numerous unexcused absences

GradesFirst Resources

  • Setting your availability for appointments
  • Sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or iCal with GradesFirst Calendar
  • Schedule advising appointments
  • Manage your appointments and entering advising reports
  • Student profile overview