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Priority 1

Enhance AAMU's Distinctiveness and Competitiveness

The Strategic Priority 1 Objectives are as follows:

  1. By 2023, evidence and maintain compliance with relevant SACSCOC core requirements and standards regarding implementation of academic program assessment plans and utilization of results for continuous improvement for each academic degree program.
  2. Maintain an enrollment of at least 6,000 students through 2023.
  3. Increase retention rate by 1 percentage point each year, from 61 percent to 64 percent by 2023
  4. Increase graduation rate to 30 percent, or by 1 percentage point each year, by 2023.
  5. By 2023, sustain current programs and gain approval at all requisite levels and implement at least three (3) academic degree programs fully online (with at least one (1) developed per year), while ensuring that all online courses and programs are reviewed and certified each academic year.

The Strategic Priority 1 Implementation Strategies are as follows:

  • Establish multiple incentives and rewards to escalate the pursuit of excellence. Provide incentives for faculty, staff, and students to be aggressively engaged in research and other scholarly activities.
  • Provide greater support for faculty development opportunities to enhance innovative instructional methods, course design, and curricular development.
  • Engage all undergraduate students in experiential learning early in their careers at AAMU, through involvement in research, study abroad programs, service learning, internships, and other hands-on experiences appropriate to their curricula.
  • Establish discipline appropriate start-up packages (including equipment/supplies and travel funds, research time release, teaching/research assistant support, etc.) to attract and retain outstanding faculty.
  • Establish faculty incentives and reward structure, including development grants, load reduction, and promotion and tenure recognition to encourage the use of technology in the learning environment.
  • Review academic programs to identify those that have low productivity or low priority or are unnecessarily redundant. Also, convert selected degree programs to online format.
  • Recruit, enroll, and retain an academically well-prepared and diverse student body.
  • Enhance co-curricular and extracurricular programs for the holistic education of students.
  • Expand study abroad opportunities for students and research and teaching opportunities for faculty through agreements and joint programs with foreign universities.
  • Provide up-to-date facilities and infrastructure to enhance academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs.
  • Build on AAMU’s strong STEM foundation by adding interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary STEM offerings across schools and academic departments.