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Strategic Priority 4

Secure the University's Financial Future

The Strategic Priority 4 Objectives are as follows:

  • By fall 2018, complete the capital / fundraising campaign - "Imagine the Future".
  • By fall 2020, increase annual external research funding, by 20% over 2015.
  • By 2020, increase funding from external sources (foundations, corporate, federal, state, and local government) by 20%.
  • By 2025, grow the University's endowment by $20 million.

The Strategic Priority 4 Implementation Strategies are as follows:

  • Launch and execute a national comprehensive fundraising campaign in support of AAMU's strategic plan and high-priority initiatives
  • Establish campus-wide policies and practices to generate new resources and faster, greater self-sufficiency
  • Generate additional revenues; increase enrollment; and offer a portfolio of degree, lifelong learning, professional development, and selective online programs to students in the region and across the globe
  • Develop a Student Loan Default Management Plan to educate, track, and assist students in avoiding defaulting on their student loans
  • Implement and maintain a systematic and comprehensive approach to student loan repayment that will include calling and mailing delinquent student borrowers and promoting financial literacy and successful loan repayment
  • Increase partnerships that create new opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Improve accountability and effectiveness through the use of technology for alumni and constituent relations, cultivation, and fundraising
  • Enhance and develop new relationships with research funding entities to broaden the University's research portfolio and increase related funding
  • Promote stronger collaborations and partnerships, between the University and stakeholders, that can make use of and strengthen AAMU's research funding base
  • Encourage and support entrepreneurial endeavors of faculty, staff, and students