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Priority 2

Strengthen Structures, Operations, and Systems to Promote and Support Organizational Excellence and Stewardship 

The Strategic Priority 2 Objectives are as follows:

  • By fall 2017, conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment.
  • By fall 2020, streamline administrative processes and policies with the goal of removing unnecessary barriers to efficient operations.
  • By fall 2018, develop and conduct a University-wide customer satisfaction/climate survey to establish a baseline.
  • By fall 2025, increase University-wide customer service satisfaction from baseline by 10%.

The Strategic Priority 2 Implementation Strategies are as follows:

  • Implement a focus on operational excellence across all areas of the University, with particular emphasis on leadership, management, fiscal operations, workplace climate, and customer service
  • Enhance the quality of faculty and staff through aggressive recruitment and support of talented faculty and staff
  • Enhance performance-based management for faculty, staff, and student employees
  • Utilize best practices and technological enhancements to improve effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Review and update University policies and procedures
  • Improve front-line capabilities to fulfill the University's commitment to quality service and responsiveness
  • Implement professional development workshops at all levels
  • Enhance institutional research to facilitate effective, data-driven decisions