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Strategic Priority 6

Enhance University Engagement through Expanded Outreach 

The Strategic Priority 6 Objectives are as follows:

  • By fall 2017, produce and implement a comprehensive University-wide outreach and engagement plan.
  • By fall 2018, review academic programs, curricula, and institutional initiatives to increase opportunities for expanding outreach and engagement.

The Strategic Priority 6 Implementation Strategies are as follows:

  • Identify areas where AAMU has a competitive advantage relative to developing and expanding outreach and engagement
  • Identify communities that have needs that match AAMU's expertise
  • Promote policies and practices that strengthen outreach and engagement throughout the state and region
  • Develop training and certification programs in partnership with local nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and government and public agencies
  • Expand student service learning in undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Pursue a research-based economic development agenda that focuses on areas with the greatest impact for the state and region
  • Strategically expand online courses and programs and develop the necessary infrastructure to support the growing demand for online learning