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Below are some video tutorials and PDF-document lessons to help you get started in Blackboard 9.1. Blackboard's YouTube Channel may also be of interest.

The Basics

My Blackboard Profile
Learning goals:
1. Edit your profile
2. Share your profile
3. View other profiles
Level: Basic | Time: 2m 46sec

Global Navigation and My Blackboard
Learning goals:
1. Access global navigation
2. Navigate the user menu
3. Navigate My Blackboard
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 40sec

Working in the course environment

The New Theme
Learning goals:
1. View streamlined interface
2. See new tool available in theme
3. Recognize familiar functions
Level: Basic | Time: 2m 50sec   

Course-to-Course Navigation
Learning goals:
1. Navigate between courses
2. Understand task-based navigation
Level: Basic | Time: 1min 32sec

Your Course Environment
Learning goals:
1. Edit mode
2. Course menu
3. Home page
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 01sec

Building course content

Getting Started with Creating Accessible Course Content
Learning goals:
1. Learning and cognition
2. Culture and customs
3. Sensory and Physical
4. Neurological and Psychological
5. Language and Technology

Getting Started with Course Content
Learning goals:
1. Build content
2. Create assessment
3. Add interactive tools

Using the Content Editor
Learning goals:
1. Paste in text and tables
2. Insert an image
3. Insert a link
4. Format text
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 59sec

Comparing the New Content Editor with the Legacy Text Editor
Learning goals:
1. Legacy text editor
2. New content editor

Attaching Course Files to a Content Item
Learning goals:
1. Create a new content item
2. Attach files from Course Files using two different methods
3. Compare how the attachments look to students
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 33sec

Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into Blackboard
Learning goals:
1. Web 2.0 tools
2. Benefits
3. How to embed

Reporting and course utilities

Running and Saving a Course Report
Learning goals:
1. Describe course report types
2. Run report
3. View report
4. Save report
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 51sec

blogs and journals

Getting Started with Journal Prompts to Improve Student Writing
Learning goals:
1. Writing prompts for students
2. Reading, research, challenges, interview and more.

Grade center

Getting Started with the Grade Center
Learning goals:
1. Accessing the grade center
2. Action bar

Getting Started with Needs Grading
Learning goals:
1. Grade tests and assignments
2. Grade blogs, journals, wikis, and discussions

Test, surveys, and pools

Automatic Regrading
Learning goals:
1. List triggers for automatic regrading
2. Edit test question
Level: Basic | Time: 2m 58sec

Getting Started with Automatic Regrading
Learning goals:
1. Access tests
2. Delete questions
3. Edit Questions
4. Deploy a test

Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers to Test Questions
Learning goals:
1. Enable negative points in test canvas
2. Use negative points in test question
Level: Basic | Time: 4m 13sec

Creating a Fill in the Blank Question
Learning goals:
1. Create a fill in the blank question
2. List acceptable answers and select evaluation method
3. Provide feedback
Level: Basic | Time: 3m 16sec

Creating a Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks Question
Learning goals:
1. Create a fill in multiple blanks question
2. List acceptable answers and select evaluation method
3. Provide feedback
Level: Basic | Time 3m 43sec


Getting Started with the Assignments
Learning goals:
1. Creating assignments
2. Accessing assignments for grading
3. Reviewing and grading assignments and more

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