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Student Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Blackboard Learn (version 9.1).

  • 1. How do I log in to Blackboard?

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    The Single Sign-On (SSO) passwordless solution allows you to log in to your Alabama A&M University applications (BlackBoard, Banner, Email, etc) using just your username eliminating the need to remember a password. 

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  • 2. Can I change or update my email address in Blackboard?

    Yes, click on your name on the left side of Blackboard to access your Blackboard account profile.  Click on the email field to edit it.

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  • 3. I enrolled in a class, but it does not show in my list of courses. Why?

    Ask your instructor if the class has been made available. You may also want to speak to your professor to see whether you are on the class roster.  If you are not on the roster and the course is not appearing in Banner Self Service, contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

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  • 4. I forgot my log in credentials for Blackboard.  How can I access the system?

    Please make sure to access Blackboard and all campus resources via the Single Sign On Portal.

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  • 5. I am trying to upload a file, but it isn't working. Why?

    Usually this is due to the filename not being in accordance with Blackboard's naming conventions, or the file having a disallowed extension, such as .html.

    File Naming Conventions

    When attaching files in Blackboard for Assignments, Emails, or Discussion Threads, it is important to name the files properly.

    • Do not include spaces in the file name
    • Do not include special characters in the file name
    • Do not use file names longer than 32 characters
    • Numerals are allowed
    • Underscores are allowed
    • Upper- and lower-case letters are allowed

    Below are examples of correct and incorrect naming conventions:


    dog ran.doc
    the dog ran over the fence and across the yard.doc

    Uploading/Downloading Source Code Files

    Files that are uploaded into Blackboard containing source code (such as: .java, .htm, .c, .h, .cpp, .js, and so on) cannot be downloaded from Blackboard due to a security feature.

    Work-around Solution: Place the files in a compressed (zipped) folder and upload the compressed folder into Blackboard. Once the folder has been created and uploaded it can be downloaded and unpackaged (extracted) to provide access to the file containing the source code.

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