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About Us


Welcome to “The Write Place”!  Located in Carver Complex North, Room 125, “The Write Place” is Alabama A&M’s Writing Center, offering peer tutoring and writing workshops in a collaborative learning environment. The purpose of “The Write Place” is to focus on developing writers—not just writing! We promote writing as a process and work with writers at every stage of writing--whether you have an idea or a fully developed draft, we’re happy to partner with you!

Since the official re-opening in February 2019, we have provided services for over 1,000 students!


Pie Chart of The Write Place student classification perecentagesThe "Write Place" serves all undergraduate students—regardless of their major. The top five majors that are represented among students who come to the Write Place for tutoring are Psychology, Biology, English/Communications/Communicative Sciences, Criminal Justice and the Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Social Work). Most of the students who come to the "Write Place" are freshmen (44%). However, the next largest segment of students who come in are seniors (22%). Nineteen percent of students are sophomores and seventeen percent are juniors.

The "write place" outreach

The "Write Place" Outreach pie graph.

Students come to The “Write Place” for various reasons.  The center is a quiet, comfortable space, conveniently located near classrooms in the Parker Annex and Carver Complex.  Forty-four percent of students come to The “Write Place” to work independently on their writing or other homework. Twenty-six percent of students come with their whole class to work collectively on an assignment. In these instances, tutors work along-side teachers to assist students as they complete their writing tasks.  Teachers also bring their classes to the center so that students can see where we are and learn more about the services we offer.  After coming here with their class, many return for one-on-one assistance.  Twenty-seven percent of students come either to attend our subject-specific workshops or work with a tutor.


In our tutor training, writing workshops, class visits and “Write Place” promotions we reinforce the “Write Place” core values and objectives which are to help writers:

  • Understand basic writing concepts and the writing process
  • Demonstrate confidence in their writing abilities
  • Apply writing concepts effectively in multiple contexts