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September Scholarships

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September 12, 2019

September Essay Writing Scholarships

The "Write Place" wants you to use your writing skills for good! We have compiled a list of scholarships for the month of September.  By clicking the names of each of these scholarships, you will be linked to the respective website where you can learn more about these opportunities.


L. Ron Hubbard Library 

Scholarship Deadline: September 30, 2019

Scholarship Award: Three non-renewable cash prizes offered each quarter: a first prize of $1,000, a second prize of $750, and a third prize of $500. First place winners will be submitted in the 'Grand Prize' contest which awards an additional $5,000. 

Eligibility Requirements: Must have an interest in writing prose. This award is for international and U.S. students.

Essay Topic: To enter, students must submit an original work of prose in English that is no more than 17,000 words in length, and has a science fiction, fantasy or horror with fantastic elements theme. All entries must be typewritten or a computer printout in black ink on white paper, double-spaced, with numbered pages.

Writers’ Square, Hakka Foundation

Scholarship Deadline: September 30, 2019

Scholarship Award: Prizes are awarded as follows: first place in division 1, $500; first place in division 2, $700; first place in division 3, $1,000; second place in division 1, $300; second place in division 2, $500; second place in division 3, $700; third place in division 1, $200; third place in division 2, $300; third place in division 3, $500; honorable mention in division 1, $100; honorable mention in division 2, $200; honorable mention in division 3, $300.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be enrolled in first grade through twelfth grade, or be an undergraduate or graduate student.

Essay Topic: Greatness

Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: September 30, 2019

Scholarship Award: $2,000 annually, non-renewable

Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship is offered to any student currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the United States. This includes incoming first-year college students who are high school graduates or possess a GED.

The scholarship candidate must possess an interest in social justice, as demonstrated by past and present volunteer, professional, and educational experiences.

All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

Essay Topic: A 750-word essay responding to the following prompt: What are some significant challenges people with disabilities encounter on a regular basis? What are some practical public policies that could address these challenges? Feel free to speak about the challenges you have experienced or witnessed in a loved-one’s life.

Oleg Fastovsky Outstanding Citizen Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: September 30, 2019

Scholarship Award: $500 annually, non-renewable.

Eligibility Requirements: All candidates must be currently enrolled or planning to enroll by Fall 2019 in an accredited post-secondary program, which includes: community colleges, private or public undergraduate colleges and universities, private or public graduate degree programs, law programs and business programs. If the essay contest winner cannot provide evidence of enrollment at the time of scholarship disbursement, a new winner will be selected.

All candidates have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater.

All candidates must possess a proven commitment to citizenry, as demonstrated by their essay and resumé.

Essay Topic: A 500-word essay that answers the following question: What is one of the most important ways an individual can serve her or his community and how have you served your community in this way?