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Satisfactory Academic Progress and Appeals

Satisfactory Academic Progress

A student must meet the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to receive Federal Aid. The concept of Satisfactory Progress goes beyond good standing to mean evidence of positive movement toward the student's degree. Alabama A&M University is required by code of federal regulation, CFR 668.16(e) to establish standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for students receiving assistance through the below named programs: 


Financial Aid Online Appeal 

Financial Aid Appeals must be submitted online.  Any supporting documentation must be submitted directly to the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.  Appeals must be detailed and grammatically correct. All financial aid appeals will be submitted to the financial aid appeals committee for review.

NOTE: Students must make the appropriate financial arrangements for payment of tuition and fees during the period which the appeal is being processed. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee is not composed of employees of the Office of Student Financial Aid. All decisions of the committee are final.