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Opting out of the Credit Balance Book Voucher Process

To opt out of the Credit Balance Book Voucher process, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to Banner Self Service or
  • Go to the current students web page and click on the Self-Service Banner (SSB) Log-In and you will be directed to log in to Banner Self Service
  • Once you have logged into Banner Self Service
    • Select the Student Tab
    • Click on “Credit Balance Book Voucher Opt-out process”
      Screenshot of the Student tab within Banner Self Service
    • You will be directed to the screen below:
      Screenshot of Credit Balance Book Voucher Opt-out  Program screen within Banner Self Service
    • To confirm your decision to opt out, click the “here” button below.
    • If you do not wish to opt out click “EXIT”
    • If you confirmed your decision to opt-out you will see the following message:
      Screenshot of confirmation of opt-out with Banner Self Service