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Honors Program Benefits

Honors Student Council - The Honors Student Council consists of student officers elected by the Student body at the end of the Spring Semester or Chosen by Honors Program Faculty. They are tasked with Conducting General Body Meetings and addressing student concerns.

Priority Registration -  The Registrar's Office has agreed to the Honors Program having access to registration one week early. Members of the program who maintain at least 50% program engagement/attendance are eligible to receive early registration/advising.  

Priority Housing in Selected Residence Halls - In the absence of an Honors Dorm, Honors Scholars have the option to reside in designated honors wings/floors in select Residence Halls. 

Designated Honors Advisor- Freshman Students receive access to exclusive advising from the Assistant Director for Course Scheduling and general advising. The assistant director can also act as a co-advisor for upperclassmen.  

Enriched Experience & Honors Curriculum - As an Honors student you receive access to a curriculum that is specialized towards Honors Program Scholars. Must be an Honors Scholar to receive access to these classes.

Professional Development and Fellowship Opportunities - Students are prepared to meet rigorous standards and are selected to intern with companies such as Boeing, NASA, and Wells Fargo.

Scholarship Opportunities, Academic Research, & Scholarly Conference Experiences - Serving as a clearinghouse for scholarships, fellowships, internships, and grants, the Honors Program gives Scholars of the Program more access to Scholarships. They also have the chance to do academic research and go to conferences that present scholars.

International Study - Students have access to the chance to travel to places all over the globe. You will get the chance to go to places such as China, Cypress, England, and beyond!

Alumnae Connect Mentoring Program - Honors Program Scholars are given the opportunity to connect with Alumnae 

Graduate School Test Prep - As you advance in your career you have the chance to receive preparation for testing you would receive if you chased Graduate Schooling.