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New Incoming Students Important Message Board

Please read important messages below from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Your Admissions Assistant - Freshman

Alphabet Name Email Phone
A-Ec  Ryan Butler 256-372-7158
Ed-K Nell Crawford 256-372-4872 
L-R Lori Horton 256-372-4805
S-Z Courtney Moore 256-372-4314

Transfer Students

A-Ec  - Ryan Butler - - 256-372-7158

Ed- K  - Nell Crawford - - 256-372-4872

L- R  - Ryan Butler

S-Z  - Nell Crawford

Date Posted 1/21/2024

SOAR registration is available.

Pay your Enrollment Fee if you have not done so to secure scholarships you are elligible for. 

Date posted 1/21/2024

To Out of State 1st Time Freshman: If you receive an award letter and the Normalite Scholarship was not included, and your GPA and Test Scores are in the following ranges below, you are eligible to receive the Normalite Scholarship ($4,305.00 per semester) pending availability of funds. Your $115.00 enrollment fee has to be paid for the scholarship to be posted to your account. Contact your Admissions Assistant if you have questions. 

Normalite Scholarship Eligibility Chart (Freshman Only)

2.0 GPA or Higher & 18 ACT or 960 SAT

3.0 GPA or Higher & 17 ACT or 920 SAT

4.0 GPA or Higher & 16 ACT or 880 SAT