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Waiver of ACT/SAT Testing Requirements for Enrollment

In response to restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically the inability of high-school seniors to sit for the ACT/SAT due to social distancing, Alabama A&M University is waiving the ACT/SAT requirements for first-year undergraduate applicants who meet other requirements, such as high school grade point average and curriculum. The waiver of scores applies to U.S. residents and international students.

“Alabama A&M University remains committed to our mission of providing access and opportunities,” said AAMU President Andrew Hugine, Jr. “Waiving the ACT/SAT testing requirements during these uncertain and difficult times aligns with our mission, and allows us to meet students where they are. Most students are unable to access the ACT/SAT, and we are uncertain if they will have an opportunity to do so before the start of the fall semester.”

“I am confident that the move to temporarily waive testing requirements will result in an applicant pool that still reflects the depth of students’ academic abilities,” said Dr. Gary B. Crosby, Vice President for Student Affairs. “Our primary goal is to ensure student success, and for several years we have used ACT/SAT scores as a metric in determining such success.”

However, the decision to waive the SAT/ACT score submission was not based solely on the inability of students to complete the requirement. The Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness, led by Dr. James Walke, provided an analysis of the predictive ability of ACT/SAT, high-school grade point average, and our Composite Predictive Index (combination of ACT/SAT score and high-school grade point average) based upon the performance of incoming students over the past two years. “Of the three, we found that one’s high-school grade point average is the best predictor of his/her academic performance at Alabama A&M University,” said Dr. Walke.

The ACT/SAT waiver will not impact students’ financial aid as long as a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and normal supporting documents are submitted in a timely manner. However, students must meet the ACT/SAT testing requirements to receive a merit based scholarship offer from the University.

Requirements for ACT/SAT Waiver

Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) 2.0 to be accepted. The final high school transcript must reflect a minimum 2.0 GPA or higher. If you have ACT or SAT test scores, please email the results to your Admissions Assistant.


Will I qualify for any scholarships? Students with ACT/SAT waivers will have to seek testing opportunities prior to the beginning of the semester. The required GPA and test scores will be subject to the same requirements listed on the AAMU website under Financial Aid & Scholarships.