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Incoming Students

Welcome to the Hill! To ensure you submit all the necessary medical records required, AAMU uses the Med+Proctor Online Health System. Med+Proctor will simplify the process by assisting you in the submission of all the medical forms required for students attending AAMU.

Access frequently used forms here:

Before you get started, you will need an active Bulldogs email account.

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  • Step One

    Step One

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  • Step Two

    Step Two

    • Download required forms
    • Follow directions on completing the forms
    • Get a copy of any additional required forms (immunization/shot records, medication forms, etc.)
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  • Step Three

    Step Three

    • Make sure all medical forms have required signatures (medical personnel, clinic stamp, etc.)
    • Make sure information on the document is legible
    • Upload documents to your Med + Proctor account. You can upload a picture of your forms, but make sure it is one picture per form (DO NOT upload a picture showing two or more forms).
    • Make sure that you also upload a copy of the front and back of your insurance card.

    If you are missing any medical records (immunization records, health history form, etc.) or if you have not completed necessary immunizations or tests (meningitis shot, tuberculosis test, etc.), then Med + Proctor will contact you and let you know what forms are missing from your AAMU medical file.

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Do You Have Questions?

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