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Dr. Ahmed Ouf


Dr. Ahmed Ouf holds a Ph.D. in City Planning from the Graduate School of Fine Arts at University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Arts from the same university. His first degree was Bachelor of Architecture and then a Master of Urban design from the department of architectural engineering, where he became a tenured professor of Urban Design and Architecture since 1999 then head of the department for three years. He supervised many PhD and MSc theses in a variety of urban design and architecture topics that polished his teaching expertise and improved his lecturing capacity.  Focus of his current research is on human interaction with the built environment, active cities, democracy, urban chaos and urban acupuncture. He also held many academic administrative positions at different institutions, as he was the dean of engineering for the Institute of Aviation engineering and technology for three years, head of department of architecture and planning for three years, and a full professor of urban design and architecture for more than 20 years.

Dr. Ouf always balanced a dual career as a professional practitioner and a university professor. He is an architect/planner/urban designer by education and practice, he worked for governments, private developers and international program management corporations and was a master plan manager for mega projects in different parts of the world. His professional scope of work covered the planning of university campuses, mixed-use projects industrial areas, small towns and the last ten years focus on the regeneration of heritage downtown areas for better economic performance. The approach has always been on “sustaining” the community’s livelihood and “recycling” land of the existing urban areas for the next generations. He has international work experience in all types of development projects in different capacities including program management, advocacy, and consultancy roles. First time he practiced architecture was through an internship with Pascal and Watson Architects, SW1, London, after that he worked for architecture, planning and program management corporations in the US, Egypt, KSA, Qatar, Oman and the UAE.


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University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


City and Regional Planning


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


City Planning


Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt


Urban Design


Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt


Architecture with Honors