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Alabama Math, Science, & Technology Initiative

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The UAH Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) regional site serves K-12 educators across North Alabama with training, support, and materials to improve effective mathematics, science, and technology (STEM) teaching practices and learning. The initiative is committed to equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to empower our students' success in the future.

It is the mission of the UAH Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative regional site  to improve math and science teaching practices in the fifteen school systems they serve for the purpose of equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workforce and/or postsecondary studies. The goal is to provide high-quality professional learning, on-going embedded support, and hands-on materials to K-12 teachers of STEM subjects, including mathematics, science, digital literacy and computer science. 

Meet the #ALRegion3 amsti Team

Beth Balch
AMSTI Science Specialist, Grades K-1
Melissa Campbel
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades 3-5
Rochelle Cantrell
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades 3-5
Mary Headrick
AMSTI Science Specialist, Grades 6-8
Elizabeth Hughes
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades K-2
Lisa McDonough
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades 3-5
Shundra Morris
AMSTI Science Specialist, Grades 2-3
Carrie Plank
AMSTI MathSpecialist, Grades K-2
Denise Porch 
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades 3-5
Jeanne Simpson
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades 6-12
LeShell Smith
AMSTI Math Specialist, Grades 6-12
Ellen Thompson
AMSTI Science Specialist, Grades K-2

ASIM logo

Alabama Science in Motion

Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) is the High School Science  component of AMSTI. The goals of Science in Motion are to provide high-tech laboratory experiences for students and effective professional development for teachers. In many instances the cost of the equipment involved would be prohibitive for individual schools or even systems. Sharing this equipment through Science in Motion offers equally enriching opportunities to students from different backgrounds and schools.  Professional development workshops improve teacher mastery of subject matter and equipment use. Through these workshops teachers from different school systems gain the opportunity to network with peers, sharing both content knowledge and teaching techniques. Program specialists may also team teach during classroom visits increasing the teacher-student ratio and providing additional content knowledge.

There are thirty-three Science in Motion sites around the state serving eleven In-service regions.  Each of the sites is established at public colleges & universities around the state where they provide resources and training to area high schools.  Funding for the program is administered through the State Department of Education.

ASIM Specialists specifically provide:

  • logistical support by delivering labs and lab equipment to teachers, as requested
  • instructional lab support (implementation and setup)
  • modeling lessons
  • coaching for growth and effectiveness
  • and leading professional learning through lab training sessions both during the school year and summer training sessions.

Meet the #ALRegion3 ASIM Team ASIM Biology Lesson Request Link

Dr. Charles Holloway
ASIM Chemistry & Physics Specialist
Candyce Curry
ASIM Biology & Physical Science Specialist


Alabama math, science, and technology courses of study

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