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Faculty and Staff


Photo Faculty Member
Photo of Adnan Elkhaldy, Ph.D.

Adnan Elkhaldy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Adnan Elkhaldy.docx
Organic Chemistry
P: 256-372-4910
Areas of Interest/Research: Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry

Photo oif Jamiu A. Odutola, Ph.D.

Jamiu A. Odutola, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
P: 256-372-4933

Photo of Jong H. Kim, Ph.D.

Jong H. Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
P: 256-372-4935

Photo of Kamala Bhat, Ph.D.

Kamala Bhat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Kamala Bhat.doc
Plant and Soil Science
P: 256-372-4932
Areas of Interest/Research: Synthesis, and Characterization Nonlinear Materials, Thermal Analysis, Crystal Growth of Nonlinear Materials.

Photo of Malinda W. Swoope, Ph.D.

Malinda W. Swoope, Ph.D.
Associate Professor / Coordinator of Chemistry
Agricultural and Environmental Chemist
P: 256-372-4803

Photo of Paul Okweye, Ph. D.

Paul Okweye, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Environmental Chemist (Water Quality)
P: 256-372-4931

Photo of Razi Hassan, Ph.D.

Razi Hassan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Razi Hassan.doc
Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
P: 256-372-5928
Areas of Interest/Research: Ice Structure, Recycling Waste, Water in Space


Photo Staff Member
 Photo of Shawn Pair

Shawn Pair -- B.S. Business Administration, Mobile College (University of Mobile)
Chemistry Administrative Assistant
P: 256-372-4912
F: 256-372-8288

 Photo of Shonda Scott

Shonda Scott – Chemistry. B.S. Oakwood College
Chemical Laboratory Supervisor

 Photo of Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas, Chemistry. B.S. Alabama A&M University
Instrumental Laboratory Manager