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For Graduates

AAMU President Andrew Hugine speaks to a graduating class during Commencement
AAMU President Andrew Hugine speaks to a graduating class.

Letter from President Hugine

Dear Graduates:

Congratulations on reaching a significant milestone in your life!

As you prepare for and participate in this commencement ceremony, it is an
appropriate time to reflect on what you have achieved. You clearly know what hard work, persistence, faith, believing in yourself and the support of others can accomplish. Your future is indeed bright. There are limits to what you can accomplish, but those limits are not imposed by others, they are set by you. So do not set limits on your dream, your vision, but instead aspire for greatness. You will encounter success, failure, and indeed even disappointments along the way, but you know how to succeed. You’re having completed the degree here at Alabama A&M University is evidence of this. When faced with these life obstacles, turn them into opportunities and keep striving. Never give up on you.

This moment is also a time to be grateful. Take the time to express your appreciation to all of the persons who aided you in this significant accomplishment. You could not do it alone. For many of you, attending Alabama A&M University was made possible through scholarship support and other forms of aid. Remember, that there are many other deserving young people, just like you, who deserve and would like to have an opportunity to pursue their dreams at AAMU. It is your duty to give back so that they can have the same opportunity that you did. Keep in mind, that our purpose here on earth is to help others, what we do for others is important, not what we do for ourselves. I implore, you, therefore, to include Alabama A&M in your budget. It is not how much you give, but the fact that you give.

Thank you for letting Alabama A&M University be an integral part in the fulfillment of your dream and best wishes for your continued success.


Andrew Hugine, Jr., Ph.D.