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VBC Parking

The Von Braun Center itself has three main parking lots, and there are two additional nearby lots owned by the city. While each lot offers access to all events, specific lots offer certain advantages. The North Hall Parking Lot (P1) has convenient handicapped access to North Hall, Concert Hall and Playhouse events. Box Office and Administrative Office Parking (P3) has convenient handicapped access to Concert Hall, East Hall, and West Hall events. The South Hall Parking Garage (P2) is a covered parking garage providing protection from weather and access to all venues with convenience to South Hall events.

As the AAMU Commencement ceremony will be held in the East Hall, the Monroe Street City Parking Garage (P4), a multi-level parking structure, will most likely be the best option for most attendees. Attendees with a handicap placard may try P1 or P3, but handicap parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Map of parking around the VBC. A more detailed description of how to get to each parking lot is below.

Map Description

The map shows a bird's-eye diagram of the Von Braun Center and the five parking lots closest to it. How to get to each lot is described briefly below.

P1 - North Hall Parking Lot: Access to the North Hall parking lot is from Clinton Avenue.

P2 - South Hall Parking Garage: From Clinton Avenue, turn south onto Pollard Street and follow the signs.

P3 - Box Office and Administrative Office Parking: From Clinton Avenue turn south on Monroe Street and take the first right into the front parking lot.

P4 - Monroe Street City Parking Garage: The Monroe Street parking garage is accessible from Monroe Street and Church Street and will open to accommodate event activity. From Clinton Avenue, turn south on Monroe Street and turn left into the parking garage.

P5 - Former Meadow Gold Lot: The former Meadow Gold lot is accessible from Clinton Avenue.

The City of Huntsville's web site "Parking Huntsville" has additional parking information.


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