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Test Center Rules

Please review the Testing Center Rules and Examinee Misconduct information below before you arrive for your test.

If you have any questions, please call the Testing Services at 256-372-5653, email at, or direct questions to testing staff prior to the beginning of your scheduled test. 

Rules regarding electronic items (such as cell phones, etc) and other prohibited items/behaviors are strictly enforced. Testing misconduct and/or irregularities will be reported to the instructor/or associated testing agency for further action. Computers in the testing center are monitored electronically and the testing room may be under video surveillance.

  • All test registrations should be completed online.

  • Students should bring only items allowed for test.

  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled reporting time.
    All tests will begin once examinees present are checked in.

  • Examinees are responsible for knowing all requirements for exams including maximum time allowed, testing aides allowed, fee payment (as it applies), etc.

  • PHOTO ID (physical government issued/or current AAMU student ID) is required for all tests.
    Please bring a second photo ID for extra precaution.

  • ELECTRONIC and COMMUNICATION devices are NOT ALLOWED in the testing area (includes cellphones, listening, recording and photographic devices). Items brought into the testing room must be turned off completely and put away in a locker or concealed bag. 
    NOTEAny electronic device suspected in an irregularity or misconduct situation will be checked and/or confiscated by the testing staff.

  • Students must not use any prohibited items for any test (e.g. papers, pamphlets, books of any kind). Only items designated by the instructor or testing agency will be permitted in the room.

  • Students must remain seated until test is completed. If a student leaves the room to use the restroom, the time out of the room cannot be made up.

  • Extended or multiple restroom breaks will be reported to instructor/or testing agency as an irregularity.

  • No hats or hoods may be worn during testing, unless worn for religious purposes. Personal belongings must be placed in designated area.

  • Food and drinks must be consumed outside the testing room.

  • Students requiring special arrangements (time extensions, low distraction room, magnification, etc.) must have prior written permission from the Veterans Affairs and Disabilities Office.


Engaging in misconduct will result in dismissal from the test center and reporting of incident to the instructor/college of record and/or testing agency. Misconduct may result in voided test/or failing grade, further disciplinary action, and/or suspension. Examples of misconduct include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Giving or receiving unauthorized assistance of any kind
  • Causing a disturbance of any kind
  • Using any unauthorized aids (electronic devices, books, notes, calculators, computers, websites, etc.)
  • Removing or attempting to remove questions and/or responses or notes (in any format) from the testing center.
  • Attempting to take a test for someone else
  • Attempting to remove scratch paper from the testing center.
  • Failure to follow examination regulations or instruction from testing staff
  • Sharing a calculator with other examinees
  • Talking with other examinees during a test
  • Sharing of notes with other examinees