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Placement Guidelines

Course Placement for FIRST TIME Freshmen

Some courses require placement in English, Math, and Reading before you can register for courses. These tests are designed to measure your mastery of a particular subject and can help you and your academic advisor determine which courses offer you the best chance for success. 

You are not required to take a placement test for English, Math or Reading.
However,  you will be required to take the placement exam to enroll in any English, Math or Reading intensive courses if you do not have scores from ACT, SAT, or college credit.

You will be placed into the designated course according to the following criteria.
If you do not meet this requirement, you can begin with the required developmental course.

Discuss with your Academic Advisor any questions about course placement requirements and SAT conversion scores.

MATHEMATICS ACT Math Subscore Placement Exam
MTH 011 Fundamentals of Math
MTH 012 Intermediate Algebra *
16 200 - 232
MTH 110 Finite Mathematics
MTH 112 Pre Calculus Algebra
17 233 - 284
MTH 115 PreCalculus Algebra/Trig * 18 233 - 284

MTH 120 Calculus and Its Applications
MTH 125 Calculus I*


285 or HIGHER

*STEM majors only    

READING (for placement in Social  Science electives, reading intensive courses)

ACT Reading Subscore

Placement Exam

EDU 010 College Reading 15 236
ACT English Subscore
Placement Exam
ENG 010 Development English      14 or LESS      254 or LESS
ENG 101 Written Composition I      15 MINIMUM

     255 MINIMUM

ACCUPLACER Placement for FIRST TIME Freshmen, FALL 2023

  • Placement Testing is offered in the Testing Services Lab, LRC 125
  • First time incoming students should consult with their Freshman Academy Academic advisor PRIOR to testing.
  • All scores will be sent to the appropriate advisor for further advisement.
  • Please be on time! Arrive at least 10 -15 minutes prior to your test time.
  • Prior to arrival, review the Testing Center Rules
  • Bring your official, government issued photo ID (No IDs on phones will be accepted).
    You will not be eligible to test without an official ID.

  • You will be notified of confirmation via email.
  • Please do not arrive without a scheduled, CONFIRMED appointment.
  • Complete form to schedule your Accuplacer Placement test