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ACT On-Campus™ (ACT Residual)

The ACT assessment is one of the most widely-used tests for undergraduate (college) admissions. Many colleges and universities - including AAMU - either require or accept ACT scores as part of the admissions process. The ACT Assessment is published by ACT, Inc. (formerly known as American College Testing). For further information on the ACT Assessment, visit the ACT website.

Students wishing to take the ACT Assessment have two options: the ACT National Testing Program, and the ACT Residual Testing Program. Although the exams given under these two programs are the same, the policies and procedures governing them are quite different.

ACT On-Campus ™ at AAMU

Students wishing to take the ACT Assessment through ACT On-Campus™ at AAMU may register for the exam through the AAMU Office of Admissions. Before registering, the student must have an application for undergraduate admission on file. For more information on applying for admission to AAMU, visit the AAMU Office of Admissions web page.

The AAMU Testing Services Center conducts ACT On-Campus™ testing three times each year, on weekdays, beginning at 9:00 AM. Testing takes approximately four hours to complete.

Summer 2021 Dates

  • June 15
  • July 6
  • August 3

The fee for taking the ACT Assessment through ACT On-Campus™ at AAMU is currently $75.00, payable at the time of testing.

*** Results from ACT On-Campus™ testing at AAMU are valid ONLY for admission to AAMU and may not be reported to any other institution.***

Students taking the ACT Assessment through ACT On-Campus™ may not repeat the exam under ACT On-Campus™ within a sixty-day period. This sixty-day exclusion applies to all ACT On-Campus™, even if the previous ACT On-Campus™ exam was conducted at a different institution.
ACT On-Campus™ scheduling: ACT On-Campus™

If you would like to schedule for a date not listed complete the following and you will bw notified of availability: AAMU Testing Services​ ACT Residual Request Form​.