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Testing Center Facilities


Testing Services Center is proud to offer a state-of-the-art, unprecedented modality for a safer and more efficient testing environment for our students and its Bulldog community.

Our modern lab structure features 18 standard pods, and two ADA-compliant pods in order to meet the needs of our client populations.

With serving over 4,000 individuals yearly, the application of these systems provides a secure, safe and dynamic approach to the advancement of testing services offered on the Hill.

The use of the pods offers the flexibility in taking Covid -19 safety protocols to the next level.  At 20-person capacity per session, examinees maintain private spacing and social distancing.

The pods preserve optimal comfort with the use adjustable height desks and a temperature controlled, built-in ventilation system that recirculates air within each unit.  

Each pod is built with tempered glass door openings and light sensors that activate upon entry.

The soundproofing walls inside each pod help to significantly reduce noise levels. White noise aids in blocking outside distractions to construct a serene, yet productive workspace environment for our test takers.

Many of our examinees have been openly pleased with the adaptation of the pods in our Testing Center. We are diligent to maintain an adaptable, safe, productive testing environment that meets and exceeds the needs of our university and community.

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Testing Services Center Customer Services Survey

Our Testing Services Center is located on the first floor of the J.F. Drake Learning Resource Center (Library), Room LRC 125