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Faculty and Staff


Staff Member Contact Information
Dr. Gamal Eden Abdelrahim
Animal Nutrition
(256) 372-4164
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-103
Dr. Judith Boateng
Associate Professor 
Nutritional Toxicology
(256) 372-8794
Agricultural Research Center RM 115
Dr. Stylianos Fakas
Assistant Professor
Food Biotechnology
(256) 372-4168
Agricultural Research Center RM 114
Dr. Armitra Jackson-Davis
Associate Professor
Food Microbiology
(256) 372-7132
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-106
Dr. Josh Herring
Food Biochemistry
(256) 372-4161  
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-104
Dr. Lamin Kassama
Food Engineering/Processing
(256) 372-4159
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-101
Dr. Martha Verghese
Professor & Chair
Nutritional Biochemistry/ Food Product Development
(256) 372-4175
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-100
Dr. Jorge Vizcarra
Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology
(256) 372-8016
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-107
Dr. Shantrell Willis
Research Scientist
(256) 372-8237
Agricultural Research Center RM 124
Michael Baker
Poultry/Farm Technician
Poultry Science Building
Sonya Bynum
Executive Secretary
(256) 372-5454
Carver Complex Thomas Wing
Sonjia McCauley
(256) 372-8028
Agricultural Research Center RM 102
Simon Ogutu
Senior Research Associate
(256) 372-4182
Agricultural Research Center RM 118
Louis Shackelford
Research Associate
(256) 372-8123
 Poultry Science Building
Sharon Steele
Administrative Assistant
(256) 372-4176
Carver Complex Thomas Wing
Lenese Vaughner
Associate for Student Engagement and Success
(256) 372-7217
Carver Complex Thomas Wing
Dr. Lloyd T. Walker
Dean and 1890 Research Director
College of Agricultural, Life and Natural Sciences
J.I. Dawson Building
Dr. Josh Herring
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-104
Phone: (256) 372-4161
Website: Food Biochemisty Lab