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Faculty and Staff


Staff Member Contact Information
Dr. Gamal Eden Abdelrahim  
Professor Animal Nutrition
(256) 372-4164
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-103
Dr. Judith Boateng
Associate Professor 
Nutritional Toxicology
(256) 372-8794
Agricultural Research Center RM 115
Dr. Stylianos Fakas
Associate Professor
Food Biotechnology
(256) 372-4168
Agricultural Research Center RM 114
Dr. Josh Herring
Food Biochemistry
(256) 372-4161  
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-104
Dr. Armitra Jackson-Davis
Associate Professor
Food Microbiology
(256) 372-7132
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-106
Dr. Lamin Kassama
Food Engineering/Processing
(256) 372-4159
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-101
Dr. Bobwealth Omontese
Assistant Professor
Animal Science
(256) 372-4173
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-109
Dr. Martha Verghese
Professor & Chair
Nutritional Biochemistry/ Food Product Development
(256) 372-4175
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-100
Dr. Jorge Vizcarra
Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology
(256) 372-8016
Carver Complex Thomas Wing RM A-107
Dr. Shantrell Willis
Research Scientist
(256) 372-8237
Agricultural Research Center RM 124
Michael Baker
Poultry/Farm Technician
Poultry Science Building
Sonya Bynum
Executive Secretary
(256) 372-5454
Carver Complex Thomas Wing
Sonjia McCauley
(256) 372-8028
Agricultural Research Center RM 102
Simon Ogutu
Senior Research Associate
(256) 372-4182
Agricultural Research Center RM 118
Louis Shackelford
Research Associate
(256) 372-8123
 Poultry Science Building
Nelka Ortegacotta
Administrative Assistant
(256) 372-4176
Carver Complex Thomas Wing
Lab Associate and Associate for Student Engagement and Success
(256) 372-7217  
Carver Complex Thomas Wing
Dr. Lloyd T. Walker
Dean and 1890 Research Director
College of Agricultural, Life and Natural Sciences
J.I. Dawson Building