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Billing and Collections

The Office of Student Accounts/Collections manages the University's accounts receivable effectively by having a formalized process for collecting receivables as well as strategies for spotting potential cash flow issues and addressing them before they become detrimental to the business.

Be Proactive in our Invoicing and Collections Effort

One of the important steps to ensuring on-time payment is making sure all parties are on the same page regarding payment deadlines, amounts owed and payment methods.

We also ensure that our processes and accomodations are easily accessible for our students/families to pay on their accounts.  For example, we make sure our billing statements are clear and complete with no missing information that might cause our AR department to kick it out of the system for further review.

Move Fast on Past-Due Receivables

Our past history shows that the longer our receivables go uncollected, the less likely they are to be collected, either partially or in full.

For that reason, our office will have the best chance of collecting if we are aware of any past due balances and can act quickly.

Our office has the responsibility to manage student accounts receivables and our students/families must be aware that we contact the student on the first day that a payment is late.

Once an agreement is set, it is both the student and our office's duty to adhere to the agreed upon terms of payment.  Our office will gently remind all students of any penalties they may face for late payments in the future, or anything that can potentially affect their meals, housing and/or registration.

Having an open conversation with our students will allow us to build stronger student relationships and acknowledge the reasons for late or non-payment to assist in avoiding these challenges in the future.