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Refund Policy for Tuition

The tuition and fees are refundable in accordance with a defined schedule if a student withdraws from the University after completing the registration process.  The tuition refund percentage is based on the total tuition charged and not the amount paid.  A full refund of the course fee will be issued if a course is cancelled by the University.

Refund (credit issued to the student's account) of Tuition charges is calculated in accordance with the following schedules:

refund calculation schedules


 Fall and Spring Terms
Withdrawal time period Credit Issued
*Prior to the 1st official class day 100%
1st through the 7th calendar day 90%
8th through the 14th calendar day 80%
15th through the 21st calendar day 70%
22nd through the 28th calendar day 60%
After the 30th calendar day 0%
Summer Terms
Withdrawal time period Credit Issued
*Prior to the 1st official class day 100%
1st through the 3rd calendar day 75%
4th through the 7th calendar day 50%
After the 7th calendar day 0%


Additional Information

  • Payments paid by Mastercard/VISA/Other Credit Cards
    Payments paid by Credit Card will be refunded by University check upon official withdrawal from the University or dropping a class. Students scheduled to receive Financial Aid, who do not plan to attend a session for which they have pre-registered, must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing prior to the first day of class to cancel their pre-registration and financial aid. Students who fail to notify the Financial Aid Office prior to the first day of class will be enrolled and subject to academic and financial penalties.Back to Top
  • Emergency Separation for Military Purposes Policy

    Students who withdraw due to being called to active duty or spouses of persons called to active duty may be eligible for a full refund of required tuition and fees. Room and board will be refunded in accordance with the current University refund policy. All students who receive Title IV funds will be processed according to federal policies. Federal policy statements are available in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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  • Other Information

    If you registered and decide not to return to AAMU, you should notify the Registrar (by writing a letter of your decision prior to the first day of class) and include your I.D. number and a number where you can be contacted.

    If classes are dropped and you re-register, you will be charged a late fee of $50.00. Students who do not meet their financial obligations in a timely manner are subject to certain penalties.


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  • Restrictions due to Indebtedness to the University
    No Student will be permitted to register for a semester until all bills from the previous semester have been paid. Failure to meet financial obligation, as scheduled, will cause a forfeiture of privileges of the dining facilities, residence halls, classroom facilities and other activities. No transcript or record will be issued for any Student who is indebted to the University. This includes, but is not restricted to, a delinquent Carl D. Perkins Loan.Back to Top