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Credit Balance Book Voucher Procedure

In accordance with Federal financial aid regulations (34 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 668.164 (i)) Alabama A&M University (AAMU) has developed a book voucher program, which is designed to assist students whose financial aid will result in a credit balance. Credit Balance Book Vouchers allow a student to use his/her expected credit balance to purchase books and basic supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.) that would normally have been issued to the student in the form of a refund IF THE VOUCHER HAD NOT BEEN USED.

Credit Balance Book Voucher

  1. Does not require any action by the student
  2. Is not additional financial aid awarded to the student
  3. May only be used at Alabama A&M Campus Bookstores managed by Follett
  4. Must be used by the established expiration date (see myAAMU “Important Registration Dates”)
  5. Is not available to all students
  6. Is issued at a maximum amount of $900
  7. Disputed charges must be resolved by the bookstore

Students may “Opt-out” of the Credit Balance Book Voucher program by logging into Banner Self Service and selecting the “Opt-out” button. If you do not opt out and do not use the book voucher your refund will not be affected.

Opting out will not result in a faster refund.

A book voucher is generally funded through a student’s financial aid package.  The student’s account will only be charged for the costs of the books charged, which will reduce the amount of any financial aid refund that the student may receive for the term.


Using the Book Voucher

  1. Check your balance via Banner Self Service
  2. Verify that your account has a credit balance (financial aid exceeds the amount of charges)
  3. When a credit balance has been confirmed, it will be provided to the bookstore within one business day.
  4. After one business day has passed, present your student ID and class schedule at the bookstore to purchase books and supplies up to the amount of the credit balance.
  5. If you are awarded additional aid after your credit balance has been provided to the bookstore, and you are not at the $900.00 max, notify the Office of Student Accounts/Collections to have an additional amount of credit provided to the bookstore.
  6. If the student’s financial aid eligibility changes, or the award requires recalculation due to a change in registration, or the student incurs additional charges that would have reduced the credit balance provided to the bookstore, the student is responsible for the balance created on the account from the book voucher.
  7. If the student does not receive the expected financial aid, or withdraws prior to receiving financial aid, all outstanding charges including books charged will be the responsibility of the student.