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Navigate Basics

Screenshot of Navigate home page

  1. The toolbar allows users to open functions in Navigate like calendars and advanced search.
    • Home Button - select this to return to your main home page.
    • Calendar - select this to sync your Outlook with Navigate and see your calendar.
    • Campaigns - select this to see current campaigns, start a campaign and check your
    • campaign.
    • Advanced Search - select this to create a search using a variety of parameters & searching features.
    • Lists & Searches - select this to view your Student Lists and Saved Searches.
  2. The alerts bar allows users to see instant notifications. Notifications include students who have checked in for appointments, unread emails in Navigate, and minimized advising reports.
  3. This is the Quick Search. The user can search by First & Last name, Banner #, or Bulldog email. The advanced search in the toolbar provides more parameters.
  4. The term selection allows users to view information in the current term. This also allows the user to toggle between previous and future terms.
  5. This is the EAB Help Center.
  6. The Quick Links provides the user access to schedule a general event, access to previously downloaded reports and create appointment campaigns. The user will have varied Quick Links according to permissions.