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Interested In Mathematics?

Prospective students are invited to consider Mathematics as a Major.

Students often ask . . .  "But what can I do with math, besides teach?" 

Well, lots of things:

  • Systems analyst
  • Statistics
  • Enter new informatics fields - environmental, biostatistics, epidemiology
  • Teach - secondary, or college level, with additional graduate work
  • Enter professional programs - law, medicine, science
  • Branch out in many directions - business, military, government

At Alabama A&M University students majoring in Mathematics also declare a minor program; at the conclusion of their chosen program they receive a B.S. degree.  Complete curricula for the Mathematics major with minors in Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, or Statistics are listed on-line at this web site - click MATHEMATICS DEGREE REQUIREMENTS on the menu screen for this web site.  Other minor programs may be paired with the Mathematics Major, upon approval of the Department. The Major in Mathematics and Computer Science Concentration is also offered; this concentration replaces the requirement of a minor.

Students entering AAMU are placed in their initial Mathematics course by their Mathematics ACT score.  Students with scores 18-20 on their Math ACT enter MTH 112 Pre-calculus Algebra or MTH 110, Finite Mathematics, depending on their major. Students with Mathematics ACT scores of 21 or above may enter MTH 125, Calculus I.  MTH 100, Developmental Mathematics, and  MTH 101, Mathematics Fundamentals, are also offered for students whose Mathematics ACT scores are below 18.

All students are welcomed in the AAMU Mathematics Club.  Many students pursue summer internship programs (including Research Experiences for Undergraduates) or a summer/semester of cooperative education to obtain additional work experience.  At this time approximately sixty AAMU students are mathematics majors, and there are fifteen mathematics faculty members. Each student is placed with a mathematics faculty advisor, after the completion of 30 semester hours of work.  Students are advised by the University College advisors upon entry to the University, until they have completed thirty semester hours of academic work.  In the Senior Project course, MTH 481, each student works closely with a faculty mentor to prepare and complete a project of their choice.

Though the Department of Mathematics does not offer a graduate degree program at this time, the Department offers several graduate courses each semester to serve students in other AAMU graduate degree programs. Students in the graduate degree programs in Secondary Education with Mathematics Certification are required to complete 12-15 credits in graduate Mathematics, specified by the particular graduate degree program.

The Department of Mathematics welcomes your interest and inquiries.