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Faculty Research Fields

The Mathematics Program at Alabama A&M University has faculty with expertise in both Pure and Applied Mathematics. Students are often encouraged to reach out to faculty for opporutnities to conduct research. Faculty research fields are included below.

Faculty Research Area Email
Dr. Mohammed Karim Theory of Equations, Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications in Signal and Image Processing, Fast Matrix Multiplication
Dr. Salam Khan Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical soliton and optics, Complex System Modeling, Applied Statistics, Stochastic Perturbation, Kendall shape space, Experimental Design, Probability Theory and Approximation Theory
Dr. Congxiao Liu Mathematical Modeling, Engineering, Computational Mathematics, Simulation and Modeling, Scientific Computing
Dr. Fayequa Majid Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematics Education, ESR and NMR, Soliton Solutions of Equations with Nonlinearities, Optical Solutions
Dr. Israel Ncube Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Modeling
Dr. Segun Oke Mathematical Biology, Data Science, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Math Modeling
Dr. Andrew Pham Graph Theory, Network Science, Domination,  Bondage Number, Discharging Method
Dr. Kanaththa Priyankara Dynamical Systems, Chaos Theory, Melnikov Theory, Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponents (FTLE), Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD)
Dr. Kenneth Sartor Optimization, Image Proccesing, Modeling & Simulation
Dr. Zhenhua Wang Jordan Operator Algebras, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Computing
Dr. Yinshu Wu Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning