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The goal of the Department of Mathematics is to provide quality instruction for students in Mathematics courses at every level, developmental through graduate programs. It is important to establish and follow the most appropriate course sequence for each student, with consideration for both the student's intended program of study and the student's prior mathematical experience. For this reason, no undergraduate student may enroll in his/her first mathematics course at the University prior to a determination of an appropriate mathematics placement level.  Students who have no prior college credits in mathematics will be placed in an appropriate mathematics course, primarily in accordance with their ACT or SAT scores in mathematics.


The Department of Mathematics provides basic and advanced training in the principles and methods of mathematics.  The courses offered prepare students to pursue the careers of their choice and satisfy the requirements for a B.S. degree in mathematics or a minor in mathematics for students majoring in other academic areas. 

Courses are also offered to

  1. Satisfy the requirements for a minor in applied statistics, 
  2. Satisfy the mathematics requirements for prospective secondary school mathematics teachers,
  3. Satisfy individual needs of other academic disciplines,
  4. Satisfy the General Education Curriculum mathematics requirement, and
  5. Satisfy the Alabama State Articulation Agreement.

General Program Requirements

Students who major in mathematics are required to earn a minimum grade of C in each mathematics course taken as part of the curriculum for the mathematics major.  After mathematics majors exit University College, assessment of their knowledge and skills in mathematics and monitoring their total academic progress are the responsibilities of advisors in the mathematics program.

The Department of Mathematics requires that majors take and pass a mid-level program examination and successfully complete the Senior Project (MTH 481) and the program exit assessment. The mid-level examination is to be taken near the end of the sophomore year or at the beginning of the junior year. Further information concerning this examination may be obtained from the program advisors. Finally, each major must complete an exit interview with his/her mathematics academic advisor during the process of being cleared for graduation.

Program Offerings

The degree programs offered in the Department of Mathematics are the B.S. in Mathematics, which must be paired with a minor option, and the B.S. in Mathematics with a Computer Science Concentration. In addition, programs are offered for a Minor in Mathematics and for a Minor in Applied Statistics.

The choice of a minor for the B.S. in Mathematics Major program is left to the student, but should be closely related to a career goal. Complete curricula for the Mathematics major with Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, or Applied Statistics minors are indicated, together with the curriculum for the Major in Mathematics with Computer Science Concentration. Other minor options are available within the various departments in the University.

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