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Welcome to the Program of Mathematics! The Program of Mathematics provides basic and advanced training in the principles and methods of mathematics. We continuously strive to provide quality instruction for students in all Mathematics courses from the transitional level all the way to the graduate level. The courses offered prepare students to pursue the exciting careers in Mathematics and satisfy the requirements for a B.S. degree in Mathematics, a Minor in Mathematics, or Minor in Applied Statistics.

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It is important to establish and follow the most appropriate course sequence for each student, with consideration for both the student's intended program of study and the student's prior mathematical experience. For this reason, no undergraduate student may enroll in his/her first mathematics course at the University prior to a determination of an appropriate mathematics placement level.  Students who have no prior college credits in mathematics will be placed in an appropriate mathematics course, primarily in accordance with their ACT or SAT scores in mathematics.

Initial Mathematics course placement for incoming AAMU students is determined by their Mathematics ACT score or their score on a math placement exam.  Students with a Math ACT score of 21 or above may enter up to MTH 125 Calculus I. Students with a Math ACT score of 18-20 are placed in either MTH 112  Pre-calculus Algebra or MTH 110 Finite Mathematics depending on their major.  Students with Math ACT scores under 18 are placed in either MTH 010 Intermediate Algebra or MTH 011 Fundamentals of Mathematics.

Courses are also offered to

  1. Satisfy the requirements for a minor in applied statistics, 
  2. Satisfy the mathematics requirements for prospective secondary school mathematics teachers,
  3. Satisfy individual needs of other academic disciplines,
  4. Satisfy the General Education Curriculum mathematics requirement, and
  5. Satisfy the Alabama State Articulation Agreement.

Tutoring is offered by the Department in V. Murray Chambers Bldg 236 for all currently enrolled AAMU students.



The Mathematics program at Alabama A&M University offers a B.S. in Mathematics, a Minor in Mathematics, and a Minor in Applied Statistics. Students enrolled in in the B.S. in Mathematics program must declare a minor of their choosing, successfully complete the Senior Project (MTH 481), and the participate in a program exit assessment. 

Currently, the Mathematics program does not offer a graduate degree; however, several graduate courses are offered each semester to serve students in other AAMU graduate programs. Graduate students enrolled in the Secondary Education with Mathematics Certification are required to complete 12-15 graduate credit hours as specified by their particular degree program.



Faculty in the Mathematics program conduct research in a wide variety of fields in both Pure and Applied Mathematics. Mathematics majors are strongly encouraged to reach out to a faculty mentor that matches their interests, especially for students who plan to attend graduate school. The Department has a history of grants, scholarships, and research projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other federal agencies.

At this time, the program consists of about 27 mathematics faculty with research specialities in both pure and applied mathematics.  Many math students often conduct research with our faculty, pursue summer internships (including Research Experiences for Undergraduates), and participate in cooperative education experiences.

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Department of Mathematics
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Yinshu Wu, Ph.D.
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