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Anup Sharma


Research Interests

Fiber Optics, Fabrication of Bragg gratings for application to communication and sensing, Nonlinear Optics, Fabrication of Electrooptic Modulators, Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy, Diode laser spectroscopy for environmental sensing, Biophotonics


Office: 022 V. M. Chambers Bld.
Phone: (256) 372-8102

Recent Publications

  1. A. Sharma, “Effect of ambient humidity on photodegradation of melanin thin films”, Photochemistry and Photobiology 86, 852 (2010)
  2. S. Sadate, F. Calzzani, A. Kassu, A. Sharma, P. Ruffin, C. Brantley, E. Edwards, “Recycling of surface enhanced Raman substrates by Ultraviolet cleaning”, Optical Engg. 49, 106501 (2010)
  3. A. Kassu, P. Robinson, A. Sharma, P. B. Ruffin, C. Brantley and E. Edwards, “Gold/Silver coated nanoporous ceramic membranes: A new substrate for SERS studies”, Proceedings of SPIE (August, 2010)
  4. F. A. Calzzani, Jr., R. Sileshi, A Kassu, J. M. Taguenang, A. Chowdhury, A. Sharma, P. B. Ruffin, C. Brantley, and E. Edwards, “Detection of residual traces of explosives by surface enhanced Raman scattering using gold coated substrates produced by nanospheres imprint technique”, Proc. SPIE 6945, 69451O (2008)
  5. J. M. Taguenang, A. Kassu, P.B. Ruffin, C. Brantley, E. Edwards and A. Sharma, “Reversible UV degradation of PMMA plastic optical fibers”, Optics Communications 281, 2089 (2008)
  6. A. Kassu, J. M. Taguenang, and A. Sharma, “Photochemically deposited surface relief gratings of an azo-dye-labeled phospholipid from the aqueous phase” Opt. Lett. 33, 1656 (2008)
  7. A. Kassu, J. M. Taguenang and A. Sharma, “Photopatterning of polybutadiene substrate by interferometric UV lithography: fabrication of phospholipid microarrays”, Applied Optics, 46, 489 (2007)
  8. J. M. Taguenang, A. Kassu and A. Sharma, “Photopatterning in poly-L-Lysine thin films using UV-enhanced hydrophilicity”, J. Colloid and Interface Sc. 303, 525 (2006)
  9. J. M. Taguenang, A. Kassu, G. Govindarajalu, M. Dokhanian, A. Sharma, P. B. Ruffin and C. Brantley, “Fabrication and characterization of a diffraction-grating transducer in thin polybutadiene rubber-film for sensing dynamical strain”, Applied Optics 45, 6903 (2006)
  10. A. Sharma, M. Dokhanian, A. Kassu, and A. Sharma. Photoinduced grating formation in azo-dye-labeled phospholipids thin films by 244 nm light. Optics Letters. 2005; 30: 501