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Dr. T. X. Zhang

Research Interests


  • Solar Physics: Solar 3He-Rich Events and Two-Stage Acceleration Model, Coronal Mass Ejections and MHD Simulation Model, Coronal Hole Heating and Kinetic Quasilinear Model.
  • Astrophysics: Electric Redshift and Quasars, Gravitational Field Shielding and Supernovae Explosions, Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relation and Emission, Emission of Dynamic Black Holes and Gamma Ray Bursts.
  • Cosmology: Black Hole Universe Model, Kaluza-Klein Cosmology, Redshift-Distance Relation Dark Energy, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.
  • Unification Theory: Five-Dimensional Unification Theory, Classical Unification Theory, Imaginary Energy, Nature Fundamental Elements and Interactions; Gravitational Field Shielding by Scalar Field
  • Plasma Physics: Plasma Limiters, Plasma Antennas, Plasma Heating and Space Polarization for Fusion.



Office: 122 V. M. Chambers Bld.
Phone: (256) 372-8106

Recent Publications
  1. Zhang, T. X., and Frederick, C., Acceleration of Black Hole Universe, Astrophys. Space Sci., DOI 10.10007/s10509-013-1644-6, 2013
  2. Zhang, T. X., Anisotropic Model for Resonant Heating of Ions by Alfven Waves, J. Plasma Phys., 79, 963-971, 2013
  3. Zhang, T. X., Key to the Mystery of Dark Energy: Corrected Relationship between Luminosity Distance and Redshift, Progress in Phys., 3, 1-6, 2013
  4. Zhang, B. J., Zhang, T. X., Guggilla, P., and Dokhanian, M., Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relation with Gravitational Field Shielding by Scalar Field, Res. Astron. Astrophys., 13, 571-578, 2013
  5. Broaden, A. T., Zhang, T. X., Edwards, V. M., Tan, A., Winebarger, A., Zhang, J., and Wu, S. T., The Role of Electromagnetic Ion-Cyclotron waves in Solar 3He-Rich Events, J. Atm. Sol-Terr. Phys., 97, 22-28, 2013
  6. Zhang, B. J., Zhang, T. X., Guggilla, P., and Dokhanian, M., Gravitational Field Shielding by Scalar Field and Type II Superconductors, Progress in Phys., 1, 69-73, 2013
  7. Zhang, T. X., Quasar Formation and Energy Mechanism in Black Hole Universe, Progress in Phys., 3, 48-53, 2012
  8. Zhang, T. X., The Turning Point for the Recent Acceleration of the Universe with a Cosmological Constant, Progress in Phys., 2, 6-11, 2012
  9. Zhang, T. X., Gravitationless Black Holes, Astrophys. Space Sci., 334, 311-316, 2011
  10. Zhang, T. X., Quark Annihilation and Lepton Formation versus Pair Production and Neutrino Oscillation: The Fourth Generation of Leptons, Progress in Phys., 2, 20-26, 2011
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