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M. D. Aggarwal

Dr. Manmohan D. Aggarwal


Research Interests

  • Bulk Crystal Growth from Melt (Czochralski and Bridgman Stockbarger Techniques)
  • Ni-Based Superalloys
  • Solid State Devices Ion Implantation
  • Microgravity Research
  • Piezoelectric materials
  • Scintillator materials
  • Triboluminescent materials


Office: 124 V. M. Chambers Bld.
Phone: (256) 372-8132

List of publications (selected from 266 publications, 2 patents and 2 books)

  1. Development of PVDF/Pr2O3 nanocomposite films for biomedical sensing and energy Harvesting by K.J. Arun, V.S. Hiran, A.K. Batra and M.D. Aggarwal, Materials Today: Proceedings Vol 50, pp 81-84 (2022)
  2. D. Aggarwal, Barbara Cady, Marius Schamschula, Vernessa Edwards, An innovative Statewide model of improving physics education in secondary schools in Alabama The Physics Teacher ( 2016)
  3. S. Fontenot, C.A. Owens, K.N. Bhat, W.A. Hollerman and M.D. Aggarwal 2015, Magnesium tetrakis dibenzoylmethide triethylammonium: A novel Blue emitting phosphor, Material letters 146, 9
  4. D. Aggarwal, Vernessa Edwards, Marius Schamschula, Barbara Cady, and Dianne kirnes, 2015, A collaboration between Alabama A&M university and high schools in preparing physics teachers;Alliance for Physics Excellence, , 92nd Annual meetings of the Alabama Academy of Science, University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL
  5. Sunal, D. Dantzler, J. Sunal C. Simon, M. Turner D. Wooten M. Harrell, JW and Aggarwal, MD. Teaching in our physics classrooms: What students, Teachers and Classroom Observers Report, 2015 Annual meeting of American Educational Research Association Meeting, Chicago, IL
  6. NSF APEX overview 3 minute video 2015
  7. D. Aggarwal, A.K. Batra, R.B. Lal, Benjamin Penn and Donald O. Frazier “Growth and Characteristics of Bulk Single Crystals Grown from Solution on Earth and in Microgravity” Springer Handbook on Crystal Growth (2010)
  8. B. Bohara, A.k. Batra, K.J. Arun, M.D. Aggarwal and C. Farley III Advanced Science, Engineering and medicine, Vol 9, 1-6 2017
  9. N. Bhat, R.S. Fontenot, W.A. Hollerman, and M.D. Aggarwal, Europium tetrakis Dibenzoylmethids Triethylammonium: Synthesis, Additives and Applications, a Book Chapter in “Triboluminescence, Theory, Synthesis and Application, Springer 2016 by David Olawale, O.I. Okoli, Ross S. Fontenot p.147 – 235.
  10. “Triboluminescent Research Review of Europium dibenzoylmethide triethylammonium (EuD4TEA) and related materials”, International Journal of Chemistry Vol. 1 (2012) 100-118
  11.  “A versatile low-cost laboratory apparatus for testing triboluminescent materials” R.S. Fontenot, W.A. Hollerman, M.D. Aggarwal and K.N. Bhat, Measurement, 45 (2012) 431-436

Dissertation Advisor and Postdoctoral Sponsors

Dr. W.S. Wang, Robert Metzl, Dr. Jaeho Choi (1997), Dr. Claudette Owens (2003), Dr. Tesfaye Gebre (2005) Dr. Faris Kochary(2007), Dr. Rastgo Hawrami (2008), Dr. Ross Fontenot (2013) Dr. Raja Rahul Surabhi (2016), Dr. Kyle Rose (2020) and a large number of Master’s students

Synergistic Activities

  • Design and Fabrication of automatic zone refiner for organic materials,
  • Design and Fabrication of automatic diameter controlled Czochralski crystal pulling facility,
  • Top Seeded Solution Growth system consisting of super Kanthal 1540°C cylindrical furnace for growing Barium Titanate crystals
  • Novel design of Bridgman-Stockbarger crystal growth system for organic NLO materials
  • Solution growth crystallizer developed which brought us NASA Innovation Award
  • Crystal growth in microgravity – performed experiments on board Space Shuttle Space lab-3 and IML-1


  1. "Improved ion implantation machine for use in making solid state devices" (1980) Indian Patent No. 152060, International Classification HOllj39/26
  2. "An automatic flexible electric heating pad" (1978) Indian Patent No. 147229, International Classification No. A61f 5/00 7/00


  1. A book Chapter entitled “Photonic Crystals: crystal growth processing and physical properties” by M. D. Aggarwal, W. S. Wang, K. Bhat, Benjamin G. Penn and Donald O. Frazier, edited by H.S. Nalwa, Academic Press (2001) published in Handbook of Advanced Electronic and Photonic Materials 9 (2001) 193
  2. Growth and characterization of TGS crystals grown in microgravity environment of space and on Earth: An Update” A. K. Batra, M. D. Aggarwal and R. B. Lal in “Crystal growth of technologically important electronic materials, edited by K. Byrappa, H. Klapper, T. Ohach and R. Fornari, Allied Publishers, Mumbai (2003) 563-578
  3. Czochralski Growth of oxide photorefractive crystals” E. Dieguez, J.L. Plaza, M.D. Aggarwal and A.K. Batra published in Springer Handbook on Crystal Growth (2010)
  4. “Growth and Characteristics of Bulk Single Crystals Grown from Solution on Earth and in Microgravity” M.D. Aggarwal, A.K. Batra, R.B. Lal, Benjamin Penn and Donald O. Frazier published in Springer Handbook on Crystal Growth (2010)
  5. “Highly triboluminescent Europium Dibenzoylmethide triethylammonium” in “Europium: Synthesis, Characteristics and Potential Applications” 2013 Editor: Mohamed Said Attia Moustafa publishers: Nova Science Publishers, New York USA
  6. Sunal, D., Simon, M., Sunal, C., Harrell, J., Ogodo, J. Aggarwal, M. (2018) Reform in High School Physics Teaching and its effect on student Learning Outcomes, Physics Teaching and Learning: Challenging the Paradigm in Sunal, C. Shemwell J. and Harrell J.W. Publishers : Information Age Publishers, Charlotte, NC
  7. Denis W Sunal, Marsha E Simon, Cynthia S. Sunal, Justina Ogodo, James E Harrell and Mohan Aggarwal, “Effects of Professional Development on Reform in High School Physics Teaching” in the book “Physics Teaching and Learning: Challenging the Paradigm” edited by Dennis W. Sunal,, Jonathan t. Shemwell, James W Harrell and Cynthia S. Sunal A Volume in Research in Science Education (RISE) 2019 Information Age Publishers, Charlotte, NC
  8. Ashok K Batra, Aschalew Kassu, Sharvare palwai, Mohan Aggarwal and kunal grover, “Multifunctional flexible nanocomposite sensors for biomedical applications” Book chapter in Advances in Biosensors Vol 3, p65, 2020


  1. "Thermoelectric Cooling" Science Reporter 8 (1971) 103
  2. "Thermoluminescence" Science Reporter 10 (1973) 303

BOOKS in Print

  1. A. K. Batra and M.D. Aggarwal, “Pyroele ctric Materials, Infrared Detectors, Particle Accelerators, and Energy harvesters 2013 SPIE Press Bellingham, Washington, USA
  2. Ashok K. Batra and Mohan D. Aggarwal, “Field Guide to Crystal Growth” 2018 SPIE Press, Bellingham, Washington USA

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